How to Support Grassroots LGBTQ+ Community Groups in Every State

This is a meaningful way to show support for local queer communities wherever you travel.

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It is officially Pride Month, and members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as their allies might be wondering what they can do to celebrate and support the cause in a meaningful, immediate way especially at a time when the community is facing a dramatic uptick in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in many parts of the country.

Lucky for you, we have a piece of advice—or, actually, we have 50 of them! To help you show your love, pride, and care for LGBTQ+ people, we put together a helpful guide highlighting a few important organizations in every state, and we added a link to donate directly to the organization. Some larger states are represented by multiple groups.

Each of the groups below support some of the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community in their own unique way, from offering safe spaces and focus groups to helping individuals with immediate needs like healthcare issues and youth services. And each of them is also a smaller, locally-focused grassroots org, not to be confused with the national groups and statewide, legislatively-focused LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations throughout the country that are also great options for your donation.

If you happen to be passing through a state passing a drag ban or anti-trans healthcare law this summer, this is a meaningful way to give back this Pride Month and beyond. Think of it as drag brunch offset. You can check all the organizations out below, and happy Pride!


Organization: Magic City Wellness Center
What they do: Magic City Wellness Center is Alabama’s first LGBTQ wellness center. It is a medical center focusing on services for members of the LGBTQ community, including primary care, PrEP, hormone replacement therapy, and STD/STI testing and treatment.
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Organization: Choosing Our Roots
What they do: Created by youth for youth, Choosing Our Roots is a nonprofit organization that strives to help address the homelessness issues affecting young LGBTQ+ individuals in Alaska. In addition to providing shelter to participants.
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Organization: Trans Queer Pueblo
What they do: Arizona’s Trans Queer Pueblo is an organization that focuses on helping LGBTQ+ migrants of color in every aspect of their life, from medical and health concerns to legal issues, through community solutions. 
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Organization: The Equality Crew
What they do: In order to try and help the LGBTQ+ youth community in Arkansas and fight against anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, The Equality Crew creates safe spaces for young members of the community for them to have fun and freely express themselves. In order to do this, the Crew organizes gatherings, community trainings, and more.
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Organization: TransLatin@ Coalition
What they do: The TransLatin@ Coalition was born out of a need to address and solve specific issues that trans, gender-nonconforming, and intersex (TGI) Latin@ immigrants are facing, including structural, institutional, and interpersonal violence. The agency provides services to TGI individuals in Los Angeles and is represented in 10 different states.
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Organization: Openhouse
What they do: Openhouse focuses its efforts on the more senior LGBTQ+ members, and it operates in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization offers services and support for issues that are unique to LGBTQ+ seniors, and it provides housing, direct services, and community programs.
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Organization: Transgender Center of the Rockies
What they do: The Transgender Center of the Rockies provides holistic mental health services for Colorado’s transgender and gender-expansive community members, including counseling, therapy groups (including youth therapy groups), PrEP navigation services, support groups, and more.
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Organization: Black Pride Colorado
What they do: Black Pride Colorado is a program created through YouthSeen, and it organizes both a fellowship and gatherings to provide support for Black LGBTQ+ folks. Among its different initiatives, Black Pride Colorado hosts events and builds community engagement in order to foster more visibility of Black LGBTQ+ people in the arts and culture space.
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Organization: Anchor Health
What they do: Anchor Health is Connecticut’s only trans- and queer-led health center for the LGBTQ+ community, and it operates across full-service health centers located both in Hamden and Stamford. The center offers both primary medical care as well as what it dubs gender and life-affirming medicine (GLAM), HIV prevention and treatment, sexual health care, behavioral health services, and more.
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Organization: CAMP Rehoboth
What they do: Operating as a nonprofit community service organization, CAMP Rehoboth strives to create a more friendly, cooperative, and knowledgeable environment for every community in Rehoboth Beach. Ultimately, CAMP Rehoboth’s mission is to create a more inclusive, safer community that welcomes and is understanding of everyone.
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Organization: Zebra Youth
What they do: Zebra Youth provides support for LGBTQ+ individuals aged 13-24. The organization tackles multiple issues that LGBTQ+ youth may struggle with, including homelessness, bullying, isolation from their families, and physical, sexual and drug abuse, and it creates individualized programs to help individuals in their recovery journey and overall health.
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Organization: Pridelines
What they do: The mission of Pridelines, a grassroots nonprofit organization based out of Miami, is that of providing support, education, and empowerment to South Florida LGBTQ+ youth, with a special focus on underserved and marginalized communities. Among its many services, it offers healthcare services, programs that tackle emerging needs and issues facing LGBTQ+ youth, leadership opportunities, and more.
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Southerners on New Ground/Facebook


Organization: Southerners on New Ground
What they do: Southerners on New Ground defines itself as a “home for LGBTQ liberation across all lines of race, class, abilities, age, culture, gender, and sexuality in the South.” It strives to provide support and develop responses to the current conditions in the communities it represents, fighting to end oppression by developing focused projects and campaigns.
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Organization: Southern Fried Queer Pride
What they do: Based in Atlanta on Muscogee and Cherokee land, Southern Fried Queer Pride is an organization that strives to give more space and support to southern-based Black queer and QTPOC-centered communities through the arts. The organization does so by granting access to social, human, and financial capital to underserved communities as well as creating programming and accessible leadership for emerging artists and leaders in the region.
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Organization: Hawai’i LGBT Legacy Foundation
What they do: The Hawai’i LGBT Legacy Foundation is the nonprofit organization behind Honolulu Pride, and it offers a variety of services to support and include LGBTQ+ individuals in the state. Thanks to its educational programs, it manages to inform, empower, support, and unify both LGBTQ+ organizations and individuals located in Hawaii.
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Organization: The Community Center
What they do: Located in Boise, the Community Center offers services to support local LGBTQ+ and allied individuals. With the goal of creating a more united environment, The Community Center both organizes educational and developmental programs for the LGBTQ+ community and provides different resources, including social activities for youth groups, LGBTQ+ support groups, women’s and transgender groups, and more.
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Organization: Masjid al-Rabia
What they do: Masjid al-Rabia is a Chicago-based organization and Islamic community center. It focuses its efforts on providing spiritual care and support for underserved and marginalized Muslims, including Black, LGBTQ+, disabled, and currently incarcerated individuals. Masjid al-Rabia helps members through many different spirituality-focused initiatives and programs, from outreach and education to advocacy.
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Organization: Transformative Justice Law Project
What they do: Transformative Justice Law Project is a group of radical activists, legal workers, and organizers who offer inclusive care to low-income and street-based transgender individuals located in Illinois. Among the org’s many services are legal (including name change issues), community survival, and educational resources and trainings.
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Organization: The LGBTQ Center
What they do: Operating out of Northern Indiana, the LGBTQ Center is the only dedicated resource available in the area that offers consistent promotion and support of the LGBTQ+ community and its experiences. It offers a variety of services that aim at creating a more inclusive and safer space, including diversity training, social groups, support groups, and more.
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Organization: Des Moines Pride Center
What they do: Des Moines Pride Center welcomes all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally community members in Central Iowa, and it strives to serve, support, and celebrate diversity. To do this, they organize events and groups, host meetings, and give access to a variety of resources including the center’s own library.
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Organization: The Center of Wichita
What they do: The Center of Wichita offers resources for the South Central Kansas LGBTQ+ community. In addition, it also focuses on providing educational opportunities for the LGBTQ+ youth, spreading awareness and creating support. The center is also building an LGBTQ+ library, and it collaborates with and provides connection to other LGBTQ+ orgs across the city of Wichita and the state.
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Organization: Queer Kentucky
What they do: Operating as a nonprofit organization in Louisville, Queer Kentucky aims at not only supporting LGBTQ+ culture and health, but also enhancing it and spreading awareness through its different initiatives. Those include storytelling, education, and action, which all serve as celebratory and visibility tools for the community.
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House of Tulip/Facebook


Organization: House of Tulip
What they do: House of Tulip is a safe space for trans and gender-nonconforming people located in New Orleans. It supports the community by offering housing, case management, access to care, and community programming to trans and gender-nonconforming people in need.
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Organization: Maine Transgender Network
What they do: Portland’s Maine Transgender Network is a resource for trans people, and its goal is that of providing support and empowerment to members of the trans community. It is helmed and led by trans individuals, and it offers services such as peer-to-peer support groups, social and community events, advocacy, and cultural competency training for medical, mental health, and social service providers.
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Organization: MoCo Pride Center
What they do: MoCo Pride Center is based in Montgomery County, and it focuses on providing support and care for local members of the LGBTQ+ community thanks to its resources and advocacy. It organizes events, sets up programs, and provides access to services (including hotlines, faith-based communities, etc.).
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Organization: BAGLY
What they do: BAGLY, which stands for the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, is a youth-led organization based out of Boston. Its goal is that of providing social justice support as well as offering guidance and support through programs, policies, and services for local LGBTQ+ youth.
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Organization: Ruth Ellis Center
What they do: Named after the iconic activist, the Ruth Ellis Center is a leading organization recognized nationwide for providing trauma-informed services for LGBTQ+ youth. Specifically, it focuses on supporting young people of color, those experiencing homelessness or involved in the child welfare system, and individuals experiencing barriers to health. It is the organization’s mission to support members and create opportunities for them so that they can thrive and build the future they envision for themselves.
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Organization: The Bridge for Youth
What they do: Operating across Minnesota, the Bridge for Youth is an inclusive center committing to help all youth experiencing homelessness in the state, with a particular emphasis on crime victims and youth who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+. It provides a variety of services, including and not limited to events, groups, and actual shelter, as well as phone and text crisis intervention and street, site, and mobile outreach.
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Organization: LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi
What they do: The Fund’s goal is that of setting the bases for a future in which all LGBTQ+ people across the state are able to live safely and authentically. To do so, it develops and invests resources to address the community’s needs, and it serves to enhance the work of LGBTQ+-focused organizations via fundraising and outside donors.
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Organization: GLO Center
What they do: The center operates in the Ozarks, and it provides support, resources, education, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. It is committed to creating a safer, more inclusive, and welcoming community for all through a variety of programs and services as well as an actual physical space for community members to meet and share time and information.
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Organization: Montana Two Spirit Society
What they do: Montana Two Spirit Society’s mission is that of advocating and educating about Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ issues. Its work is aimed at spreading awareness among both the Montana LGBTQ+ community and broader community about Two Spirit history, traditions, and current issues. They do so by offering gatherings, organizing workshops and presentations, participating in LGBTQ+ parades, collaborating with other LGBTQ organizations, and more.
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Organization: Omaha ForUs
What they do: Omaha ForUs is an organization devoted to creating a community and a space for LGBTQ+ individuals and families located in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. It provides educational tools and information, and it strives to bridge the gaps in care, culture, community, and service for its members through informed programs and services. It also prides itself in recognizing, acknowledging, and respecting the lands that were first home to Native people.
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Organization: Gender Justice Nevada
What they do: Gender Justice Nevada provides outreach, education, and advocacy with the goal of addressing the identities and issues faced by Nevada’s LGBTQ+ communities. It offers direct services, including and not limited to advocacy training and peer-lead discussion groups.
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New Hampshire

Organization: Seacoast Outright
What they do: As one of the only specific resources for LGBTQ+ youth in the Seacoast region, Seacoast Outright provides constant support for the community, and strives to create a more welcoming and understanding environment. It offers educational programs and organizes annual Pride celebrations as well as youth/parent support groups, which all serve the goal of providing a safe space for youth to explore gender and sexuality topics.
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New Jersey

Organization: HiTops
What they do: HiTops is a nonprofit organization that is committed to educating and supporting young people of all identities in the sexual health field across New Jersey. It offers a wide variety of sexual health-related programs, services, and community events, including peer leadership and education, professional development services, gender and sex education for adults as well as for middle and high school-aged youth, and more.
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New Mexico

Organization: Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico
What they do: The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico supports transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming individuals across the states. To do so and to foster a safer and more inclusive environment, it offers direct services, education, and advocacy, such as several support groups, a drop-in center, food access and ID documents resources, and more.
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Brooklyn Community Pride Center/Facebook

New York

Organization: Brooklyn Community Pride Center
What they do: Operating as a nonprofit organization, the Brooklyn Community Pride Center envisions a society in which LGBTQ+ individuals can freely express themselves and thrive. To bring its vision to life, the center organizes cultural events and programs, partnerships, and advocacy, as well as active workshops in the arts and education.
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Organization: The Audre Lorde Project
What they do: The Audre Lorde Project defines itself as a “lesbian, gay, bisexual, Two Spirit, trans, and gender nonconforming People of Color center for community organizing.” It operates in the NYC area, offering mobilization services, as well as education and programs for community organizing that are inclusive of leadership development.
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North Carolina

Organization: Campaign for Southern Equality
What they do: As the name suggests, the Campaign for Southern Equality is an organization committed to building a region where LGBTQ+ individuals are equal in every field and part of life. It strives to make community members feel free, loved, and free to love, especially in a time in which anti-LGBTQ+ attacks are sadly growing. The organization provides funding and training to a new generation of LGBTQ+ leaders, and it provides access to resources and services for LGBTQ+ people in the south. Additionally, it engages in rapid response to immediate political threats.
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North Dakota

Organization: FM Pride Collective & Community Center
What they do: The center strives to build a tighter sense of community and to promote education and social activities that are beneficial to the LGBTQ+ community located in the Red River Valley. Among its many initiatives, the Pride Collective and Community Center offers drop-in support, activities, and socialization, and is equipped with a movie library, board games and video games, as well as a full library of books.
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Organization: Stonewall Columbus
What they do: Located in Columbus, Stonewall Columbus’ mission is to increase visibility, inclusion, and connection for the LGBTQ+ community. It develops an evolving list of programs, and it produces Lavender Listings, which is a list of local products and services for LGBTQ+-friendly businesses and organizations. Additionally, the org also produces Columbus Pride.
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Organization: LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland
What they do: The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy, support, education, and celebration. It offers a variety of initiatives for local members of the community, including informed programs, trainings, events, and crucial resources.
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Organization: Diversity Center of Oklahoma
What they do: The Diversity Center of Oklahoma focuses on providing all kinds of health support for LGBTQ+ communities and their families, particularly the most disenfranchised and marginalized. Among its services are primary healthcare treatment, behavioral health treatment, as well as other healthcare services.
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Organization: Outside In
What they do: Outside In has helped all youth experiencing homelessness and other marginalized people and communities for more than 50 years. The organization offers services aimed at providing health and self-sufficiency support, including and not limited to services of medical health, drug users' health, behavioral health, pharmacy, and transgender and gender diverse services.
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Organization: Q Center
What they do: The Q Center is committed to creating safe spaces for and to empower LGBTQ+ communities in the Pacific Northwest, serving the communities of Portland Metro and Southwest Washington. It also serves as an information hub for allies, friends, partners, and family members of LGBTQ+ individuals, and it offers informed programs such as its LGBTQ Senior Community initiative, which is the center’s drop-in program for LGBTQ seniors.
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Organization: Mazzoni Center
What they do: The Mazzoni Center is located in Philadelphia, and it offers comprehensive health and wellness services for LGBTQ+ individuals. Among its many services, the center provides gender-affirming care, general healthcare, testing and prevention, and more.
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Organization: SisTers PGH
What they do: SisTers PGH is a Black and trans-led nonprofit organization, and it focuses on serving people of color, trans, and nonbinary people living in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is equipped with a community center, and it offers a variety of inclusive programs such as its name change program.
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Rhode Island

Organization: Youth Pride Inc.
What they do: Youth Pride Inc. specifically focuses on helping and supporting LGBTQ+ youth under the age of 23, striving to meet their needs. It features a drop-in space, and it provides services, programs, and groups such as the Gender Spectrum group and the Mindful Makers group.
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South Carolina

Organization: We Are Family Charleston
What they do: We Are Family Charleston is a grassroots nonprofit organization, and its goal is to provide spaces for LGBTQ+ youth up to the age of 24. To do so, it offers direct support, leadership development, and community engagement through a long list of programs.
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Black Hills Center for Equality/Facebook

South Dakota

Organization: Black Hills Center for Equality
What they do: South Dakota’s Black Hills Center for Equality is committed to serving the LGBTQ+ community by providing resources, education, and networking. It advocates for equality, and it provides a safe space for all. Its services include focused events, Pride celebrations, groups, and resources.
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Organization: OUTMemphis
What they do: OUTMemphis has been serving the LGBTQ+ community of the Mid-South for more than 30 years, focusing on education, advocacy, and connection within the community. Thanks to its many donors and volunteers, it is able to offer a variety of curated programs and services across multiple fields, including health and wellness, youth and families, and also community and culture.
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Organization: Allgo
What they do: The Texas-based organization Allgo is committed to offering programming and initiatives that support queer people of color. The programs offered cover a wide spectrum of topics and categories, including cultural arts, wellness, and social justice.
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Organization: Fiesta Youth
What they do: Fiesta Youth operates in San Antonio, and it is a leading nonprofit organization for LGBTQ+ youth, serving teens, young adults, and their allies. It strives to create a future based on equality and acceptance, and it does so by organizing safe spaces for events, trainings, and dedicated programming as well as group meetings for young adults, teens, and parents.
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Organization: Encircle
What they do: Encircle is committed to serving LGBTQ+ youth across Utah. It creates safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth that allow them to be comfortable being themselves, and it offers mental health services, resources, and tools that are beneficial for LGBTQ+ youth, young adults, and their families.
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Organization: Outright Vermont
What they do: Through its many focused and informed programs and events, Outright Vermont supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ communities across the state. It provides services across different fields, such as youth and family and youth leadership, and offers resources across the health, crisis, and legal fields.
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Organization: Side by Side
What they do: Side by Side is dedicated to Virginia’s LGBTQ+ youth. It supports its members by providing support groups, such as the Parent + Caregiver Support Group, and by organizing a variety of social and cultural events, including Queer Prom. Additionally, it offers trainings and workshops.
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Organization: Lambert House
What they do: By offering programming and events that aim at developing leadership, social, and life skills, Seattle-based Lambert House supports and empowers members of the LGBTQ+ youth community. Members can find more than 30 different programs, activities, resources, and services, which include both online and in-person ones depending on their preferences.
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Organization: Odyssey Youth Movement
What they do: Odyssey Youth Movement operates in the Inland Northwest, and it strives to promote equality for local LGBTQ+ youth. It organizes youth-driven activities and programs, as well as community education and a variety of resources, including those related to housing, food, and guardianship, among others.
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West Virginia

Organization: Dr. Rainbow
What they do: West Virginia’s Dr. Rainbow is a resource that offers inclusive healthcare as well as a support network for all. It helps connect individuals looking for care with LGBTQ+-competent health care providers, and it also helps connect them to local community services and groups. Currently, Dr. Rainbow isn’t actively accepting donations.


Organization: Courage MKE
What they do: Located in Milwaukee and serving the Greater Milwaukee area, Courage MKE helps provide housing, resources, and services for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness or displacement. Additionally, the organization offers scholarships, hygiene care packages, and other services that are beneficial for the LGBTQ+ youth.
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Organization: Casper Pride
What they do: Operating in central Wyoming, Casper Pride is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals. It organizes a variety of activities, events, and involvement opportunities, and it provides the community with helpful resources.
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