Someone Used a Stroller to Sneak Their Dog Into a 'No Pets' Vacation Rental

The video has reached more than 200,000 views on TikTok.

Dogs on strollers are old news, and I will personally never get tired of seeing them being carried around like actual babies. What is not old news, however, are dogs on strollers that are being passed as children for ulterior motives.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, let me grab your hand and walk you into the magical world of TikTok, where a person recently managed to sneak their dog into a strictly "no pets" vacation rental by using a stroller. "Mission: sneak large dog into your strictly no dogs holiday apartment," reads the video's caption.

In the TikTok, which has reached more than 200,000 views at the time of writing, a person is shown hiding their border collie in a stroller, and covering the top side with an orange blanket. The iconic TikTok audio clip saying "nobody is gonna know" is playing in the background.

They then walk into the rental building, make their way through the hallways, and finally successfully enter the apartment. Once they do, the dog owner lifts up the blanket and reveals the happy doggo to the disbelief of another person in the room, who covers their mouth in shock. Mission accomplished: the dog is then shown sitting on the couch, which has been covered with the same orange blanket.

The comment section is mainly on board with the endeavor, and multiple users confessed doing the same thing at least once. One person justifies the act in its entirety. "Okay but if my border collie can't come with me I'm literally not going so," they said. "I get it." Others, instead, point out that their own dog would ruin the mission. "My collie would ruin it and bark," noted one TikToker.

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but while we do love a dog-championing story, we have to warn you—you are probably going to get caught. "As someone who's been a [housekeeper] cleaner," reads one comment, "I can say... they are gonna know [laughing emojis] but the extra cleaning fee be sooo worth it." Dog hair is easily spottable (especially if it's long) and you might incur extra cleaning fees and an angry email after your stay. If that's not really a big deal to you, then you're probably fine doing what you wish!

Another point you might want to consider, however, has more to do with your own care for others. A "no pets" vacation rental might be the first choice for someone who is very allergic to dogs, so if you do bring your four-legged with you, you might be making it a little harder for those people, depending on the severity of their allergy. Some dogs, however, are hypoallergenic—so that’s a non-issue for those breeds!

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